Monday, 21 May 2018

Lucy Hutchcraft II

This year I modelled at ECA for Lucy Hutchcrafts' Performance costume graduate collection alongside Josh Going as characters from 'Cluedo'.
I was Mrs. Peacock, feathery elegance from the stunning hat down to the toes of the shoes, to match the dapper green, velvet suited Josh Going as Mr Green. 
"These costumes were created for an immersive theatre experience based on the much loved game 'Cluedo' from the 1950's. Staged in a warehouse space with a se designed similar to the board, audiences would be amongst the comedic 'whodunit' action. Was is Mrs Peacock, in the study, with the candlestick? Or Mr Green, in the library, with the revolver?" Lucy Hutchcraft

Mr Greens' costume had incredible details hidden everywhere, clues to be discovered. The lining of the jacket has the Cluedo floor plan printed on it. His tie had details from the floor plan and the cufflinks were made with the tiny weapon place markers from the game, whilst the handkerchief placed the blame on Mrs. Peacock with 'Candlestick' printed clearly for everyone to see. Unfortunately his briefcase reveals his guilt bursting open spilling forth money and the murder weapon for everyone to see. If you missed the performances you can see all off these creations at the ECA degree show from June 2-10 2018 and the work of Josh Going (Mr Green) in the Landscape Architecture display.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Klara Landin Larsson II

This is Klara Landin Larsson's costume depicting the dystopian world of George Orwell's 1984. I loved this wonderfully disturbing costume with its fantastic headpiece of listening ears and velvet dress which showed every twist and turn of the dancer in this years Performance Costume show at Edinburgh College of Art.
 "A contemporary dance piece stylistically and musically inspired by the absurd and grotesque Butoh dance, this show will contain elements and characters from the source novel, although taking dramaturgical liberties transforming the piece into a more abstract interpretation of the world of George Orwell’s classic. Setting it as a dance piece allows my designs to be of a more conceptual nature, less tied down by the weight of the iconic – and by now slightly tiresome - aesthetic described so well in the novel, making my interpretation operate in an entirely different world to Orwell’s one.
Keeping notions of class, hierarchy, and politics in mind, my designs are influenced by our contemporary society, and our view on fashion in relation to these aforementioned themes. However, most importantly none of my designs follow a strict template of the aesthetical nature of the piece, but are rather determined by the individual traits and contexts of that one character in question, to create a dynamic line-up of characters that clearly exist in the same world, while maintaining their individuality and recognisability." Klara Landin Larsson 

Friday, 18 May 2018

Bethan Nadine

Bethan Nadine's graduation collection, at Grays School of Art Fashion Show, 'State of Mind' was a delicate collection of intricately embroidered and embellished tops in sheer fabric with bold kaleidoscopic printed skirts.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Tilly Longworth

Tilly Longworth's graduation collection was especially wonderful in the setting of Trinity Hall due to the juxtaposition of the men in the portraits and the men modeling her collection and in-particular the 'big puff' jacket above.
"My graduate collection was inspired by a trip I made to London during summer. I was very interested in the music youths were listening too (grime music) and the culture behind it. I could see a relationship between some of the lyrics being used in the music and my own life growing up on a council estate in Dundee. Grime artists tend to always represent where they come from in their music, so I decided to do this my own way, within my textiles. I observed the youths on my estate and the environment. My aim was to manipulate the ‘hype beast’ market making my own brand of clothing for the youths using my name as the logo." Tilly Longworth 

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Rachel Louise Duncan

Rachel Louise Duncan's bright, fun, pastel, asymmetric knitwear caused lots of smiles at Grays School of Art Fashion Show last weekend.
My collection is called 'Soft Geometry' and is inspired by playful environments and structures such as play parks, climbing frames etc. I wanted the collection to be exaggerated, playful and childlike yet comfortable, in order to portray my perception of childhood and nostalgia. Rachel Louise Duncan

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Laura Ukstina

Laura Ukstina's degree collection at Grays School of Art Fashion and Textile fashion show.
Colourful, bold blocks of knit in a very Graphic 1960 style collection. You can see this collection at Grays School of Art Degree show in Aberdeen 16th- 22nd June or at New Designers in London June 27th-30th.

"My collection is inspired by the Memphis design movement in the 1980’s and Lego, I love bright colours and bold patterns. Lego is my main inspiration, I find really interesting to watch how children play and interact with Lego, creating amazing objects that can quickly change or be destroyed. Lego inspires creative freedom and motivates children to be experimental.This approach of construction and deconstruction inspired me to create a knitwear collection where the wearer can decide how to wear my garments as there is no right or wrong way! All garment pieces can be easily changed by taking some apart or adding others.
I believe that this could be a sustainable approach to fashion for example, you don’t need to buy the whole garment, you could just renew it by adding new parts such as sleeves." Laura Ukstina

Monday, 14 May 2018

Jasmin Ramirez

I have had the honor of photographing Grays School of Art; Fashion Show this weekend and would like to share some of the collections with you. This is the work of Jasmin Ramirez whose collection features clever sculptural fabric manipulation. It is an elegant wearable collection in blocks of grey balanced with colour.

"My collection is inspired by architecture’s interior and exterior designs with the influence of Japanese clothing, kimonos. I designed the sculptural shapes of my garments like a shape of a modern curving architecture or domes, and used pleating and gathering details to represent the modern interior designs. I designed these pieces with the practicality of kimono’s in mind, as well as the aspect of flattering and fitting the body, using strings and ties to fit the body perfectly." Jasmin Ramirez